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Preservation of historical monuments and places of burial

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Since 2010, Rossotrudnichestvo, acting together with the Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Ministry of Culture, Rosarchive and Governmental Commission on Compatriots Living Abroad (GCCLA) has been working on maintaining and keeping the graves placed abroad and having commemorative significance for Russia. This activity involves setting and repair of the gravestones, restoration work and financial covering of the graves maintenance services and land lease.

Financial securing of expenditure obligations related to the project implementation is covered by the finance received by Rossotrudnichestvo representative missions from authorized legal activities.

Russian Government ordinance No. 379, dated May 31, 2010 establishes the Rules on Maintenance and Keeping of the Graves Placed Abroad and Having Commemorative Significance for Russia. Russian Government Directive No. 1948-r, dated November 11, 2010 establishes the List of such graves placed abroad.  The Rules allow the extension of the List. The choice of graves is under responsibility of GCCLA and is based on Rossotrudnichestvo offers.

Main criteria are: historical importance of the input made by persons engraved to the science, culture, art and sentience of Russia and the country, where the grave is placed; input made by such persons to enhancing the ties of friendship between Russia and foreign countries.

In 2011, the foreign offices in non-CIS countries started gathering data on commemorative objects meeting the basic criteria. Such data was received from Argentina, Hungary, Bulgaria, Germany, Greece, Egypt, India, Italy, China, Macedonia, Mongolia, Morocco, Paraguay, Poland, Serbia, Tunisia, Turkey and Czech Republic.

In some countries, the delegates found either commemorative monuments and big complexes (Belgium, Viet Nam, Germany, Netherlands, Peru, Romania, Serbia, Slovakia, France, Croatia, Japan) or graves at the temples’ and churches’ territory, patronized by Russian Orthodox Church (Israel), protected by the country of placement (Finland) or being controlled by “cemetery commissions” (Chile).

In 2011, Rossotrudnichestvo spent a total of 39,346.09 US dollars for maintenance and keeping of 38 graves placed in Greece, Italy, Macedonia, Morocco, Tunisia and Turkey.

Extra finance was provided for the annual maintenance of graves and gravestones restored and for the issue of the official financial documentation for the restoration of large-scale objects.

Rossotrudnichestvo efforts for maintenance and keeping of the graves placed abroad were warmly greeted by foreign public and compatriots’ societies.  

The offers on elaboration of long-term state program for facilitation of keeping the graves placed abroad and having commemorative significance for the Russian Federation and historical monuments connected to Russia’s traditional denominations cultural heritage have been prepared.

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