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Public Diplomacy Lately the public diplomacy has played greater role in the world, complementing the official diplomacy.

It involves all kinds of interactions with civil society and foreign countries’ public, giving the unique capacity for enhancing the state’s international relations.


The public diplomacy includes such elements as non-governmental organizations and communities, “twin cities” contacts, social and political activities, international nongovernmental organizations.

At the moment, Russia has a great capacity for the public diplomacy development. It is provided by great Russian science and culture reputation, long-time (including Soviet years) experience, specialists and infrastructure of the worldwide cultural centers; it also lies in the “Russian World” - millions of people in CIS and far abroad, who are lured by Russia, its language and culture. These people feel need to stay in touch with Russia and Russians.

The importance of the sphere is evident, the world should get more objective information about Russia and Russia must take a prominent place on the international landscape.

“Soft power” capacities are most useful in terms of goals, which Russia aims to reach. These goals are caused by country’s internal development needs: securing a facilitative environment, creating the modernization alliances, enhancing Eurasian integration. These goals should not be seen as those of Russian external policy, since they are the basis for the modernization of the country.

Not only the public diplomacy in the international humanitarian cooperation should facilitate the further creation of positive image of Russia, but it should also promote the implementation of the specific country’s interests.

Rossotrudnichestvo fruitfully cooperates with such non-governmental organizations as “Russian World” Fund, Russian Public Chamber, St. Andrew the First-Called Foundation, “Russian Overseas” Library Foundation, Russian Culture Fund, International Russian Compatriots Fund, Theatre Union of the Russian Federation, International Council of Museums, “Twin Cities” International Association, Moscow Friendship Communities Fund, St. Petersburg International Cooperation Association, etc.

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